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Below we answer some of our most common questions that we get asked the most about our location and our amenities on sight. 

Frequently ASKED Questions?

Can I purchase my relative a Personal Training session even if they are not a member?

Yes, you can purchase Personal Training sessions and even memberships as a gift. All you need to do is call us for more details so we can better advise you. However, if you're local and intend to visit a lot, it could save you money to buy a membership as members pay less than non members for our services.

Can I cancel my Personal Training session in advance?

Yes, you can cancel your personal training sessions up to 12 hours in advance.

Does your facility offer showers and lockers on site?

Yes. We have a private bathroom for both men women with showers attached and one gender neutral restroom on the hallway without a shower. 

Do you really have juice bar inside the gym?

We do have a juice bar on the premises. Power Up Juice Bar is owned and operated by a local board certified Nutritionist Beverly Cook. If you look to the left as soon as you enter the facility, you will see where she makes her fresh and tasty drinks. Bev also offers an 8 week weight-loss program incorporating the juices she makes. Perfect for those who need help meal planning for weight management. You can contact Power Up directly for more info at (704) 692 - 6667.

Are you located in the same building as Foothill Gymnastics Academy?

Yes, when we purchased the gym property we acquired the entire building. Foothills Gymnastics Academy is next door to our facility. A lot of our gym members like to drop their children off for gymnastics next door and then come in and workout while they wait. However, we lease the location to the owner and are not able to collect money or conduct business on their behalf directly. You can contact Foothills Gymnastics Academy for more info about classes, prices, and services rendered at (828) 859 - 3131.

Was your gym recently updated?

Yes! We recently updated our facility during the pandemic shutdowns. We have updated inside and outside of the building. We added new classes, a new juice bar, and even added some staff. Also do you like our new website? You're on it right now.   

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