TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Classes, Personal Trainer, Fitness Center, Gym, Health Club, Tryon NC, Columbus NC, Landrum SC


Tryon Health & Fitness Club now offers personal TRX Suspension Training, and coming soon, TRX Suspension group classes! The TRX Suspension Trainer leverages bodyweight vs gravity, for a cutting edge, best-in-class workout, for all training levels. The excercises are based off of best practices from military, pro sports, and academic institutions as well as the TRX Suspension Training team.  The TRX Suspension Trainer offers hundreds of of exercises, designed around the body's core, and not only helps strengthen the users body, but also helps build better posture as well as helping to improve mobility, flexibility, and stability, while at the same time building lean muscle! Not only that, but the TRX Suspension Trainer provides and fast and effective workout, so you can get a full workout in just a matter of minutes!


TRX is currently part of our Personal Training, so if you're interested in getting started, please give us a call during our business hours at (828) 859-5935 to make an appointment.

Health Club, Gym, Fitness Center, Personal Training, TRX Suspension Trainer, Tryon NC, Columbus NC, Landrum SC
TRX, TRX Personal Trainer, TRX Classes, Fitness Center, Gym, Health Club, Tryon NC, Columbus NC, Landrum SC