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Tryon Health & Fitness Club offers top of the line Life Fitness and Magnum weight training equipment as well as Free Weights. If you're unfamiliar with how to use our weight training equipment, we would be more than willing to help you get started by setting you up on a strength training program.


There are many benefits of adding a strength training program to your regular workout routine that many people are unaware of.  Beyond looking better and getting stronger, strength training is also proven to increase your metabolism, prevent disease, prevent injuries, increase bone density, help expedite your exercise results, and put you in a better mood, among other things.  Recent studies have even shown that people who implement a strength training program into their regular workout routine burn more calories throughout the day than people who don't. 


These are just a few reasons that we recommend you add a strength training program to your workout routine at least a few times per week. Stop by Tryon Health & Fitness Club at anytime during our business hours and let us help you get started!