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Tryon Health & Fitness Club offers a wide variety of group exercise and aerobics classes available to all of our members at no additional cost!


Please take a moment to check out the latest Tryon Health & Fitness Club Class Schedule, and don't forget to check back often for any class changes or updates that may occur.


Join us today! Group exercise and aerobics is a great way to get in shape and have fun doing it!

Fitness, Aerobics Classes, Exercise, Weight Lifting, Tryon NC, Landrum SC, Columbus NC,
Yoga, Fitness, Gym, Workout, Personal Trainer, Tryon NC, Columbus NC, Landrum SC
Yoga, Fitness, Workout, Exercise, Gym, Health Club, Tryon NC, Landrum SC, Columbus NC
Fitness, Gym, Health Club, Fitness Center, Tryon NC, Landrum SC, Columbus NC

Tryon Health & Fitness Club Class Schedule

        Day                  Time                 Class                                 Instructor    

Monday            9:00am              Dance Party                        Rhonda

                           10:00am            Use it or Lose it       SS      Adrian

                           11:00am            Relaxation Yoga                 Tina



Tuesday           9:00am              Body Sculpting                   Adrian 



Wednesday     9:00am              Dance Party                         Rhonda

                          10:00am            Use it or Lose it       SS       Adrian 



Thursday          10:00am           Relaxation Yoga      SS         Tina



Friday                9:00am             Dance Party                         Rhonda



Tryon Health & Fitness Club Class Description



Dance-Fitness inspired workout combining all different types of music and rhythms with a strong Latin base.  Easy to follow steps, and fun energetic routines will have you burning lots of calories while enjoying exercise!


Use It or Lose It

Designed to help you with your mobility, balance, agility, and more.  This is a great workout for people of all ages and fitness levels.  Fun time to socialize with the class while getting a great workout.


Kickboxing/Boot Camp

High intensity cardiovascular challenge incorporating drills, kicks, punches, and a lot of abdominal and glute work.


Body Sculpting

Focuses on toning and sculpting the body from head to toe using bands, tubes, steps, mats, and weights.  Definitely a great addition to your regular weight training routine.



Stationary bike workout set to music that will get you pumped up and ready to ride.  This is a very fun and intense cardio workout! (Specialty Class)



Yoga and stretch combined into a relaxing workout.  Designed to fight against the aging process and promote deep sleep.  Appropriate for all fitness levels.


Weapons of Mass Destruction*

A military-style boot camp class to challenge even the most conditioned athletes.  This class combines a variety of fitness techniques including military and crossfit style exercises, blended together to help you achieve optimum results. (Specialty Class)



This boot camp class will challenge your endurance and push you to your limits with a combination of drills, circuits, and training techniques, designed to improve your agility, stamina, and overall conditioning.


Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes are great for stretching out all parts of the boy, improving balance, strength and posture.


Dance Party

This seriously fun dance class includes mainly pop and hip hop music, with easy to follow steps.  This format is different from our other dance classes because it gives our instructors more freedom in song selection and choreography.


Weighted Workout *NEW*

Strength and conditioning using free weights and body weight exercises.


Creative Movement Circle *NEW*

This class starts with light, standing stretches.  Then a variety of music is played while the participants dance in a circle following the person in the center.  The person in the center can do anything from jumping jacks to a simple movement of the wrist, all the way to free form dancing.  Participants have the option to decide not to go in the center.  The class then finishes with light stretching.  A great workout and fun for everyone.  Develops creativity and leadership.  45 minutes of fun!

Eagle Warrior Martial Arts

Classes run the full spectrum of martial arts and are a true mixed martial arts experience with techniques from Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and more.  Classes focus on real-life self-defense training rather than sport fighting and competition.

Although we teach classes with the tradiional emphasis on discipline, respect, and courtesy, we do not teach a strict "style", wear the traditional Gi, or do a belt ranking system - because we have come to realize that a belt, regardless of color, is not a true reflection of one's actual capabilities - that the individual is far more important than an belt color , and that true "style" is unique to the individual... it is something they must devel0p themselves while on the path to becoming a warrior.

- Jim Fulton